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Imagine All This

  • Imagine owning a tried and proven set of tools that are easy to use, and will give you the high-level perspective that is required to effectively manage your real estate portfolio.
  • Imagine having in one place all your monthly income and expenses, cash-flow projections, equity summaries, net asset values and much more for each property and your entire portfolio.
  • Imagine having your monthly family budget and cash flow projections, with the ability to integrate them with your Real Estate portfolio cash flow projections.
  • Imagine having at your fingertips all the detailed information on each and every property you own, including all the due dates on every item requiring your attention.
  • Imagine knowing now what your monthly cash position will be during the upcoming year, and being able to see the cash flow impact of multiple what-if scenarios.
  • Imagine a snapshot report that will tell you how your portfolio is performing as compared to the goals you set.
  • Imagine being able to do a detailed profitability analysis on a potential purchase in minutes, whether on the road or at your computer.
  • Imagine having reminder reports that will ensure planned rent increases, mortgage renewals, and every requirement of every purchase and sale will be handled on time.

REMA imagines all this and more!