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I'm a paying user of REMA, and think it's easily worth the very low $20/mo cost.

But I've had a quiet summer, and hadn't run REMA for a couple months. I just opened the software earlier this month - around October 2nd, and was immediately faced with a reminder to send a rental increase notice before September 30th for a January 1st rental increase.

Well, I clearly missed my window, and now I have lost at least a full month of increased revenue because I had gotten lazy, and wasn't being proactive on my business.

I have now set REMA to run automatically every time I turn on my computer, just to make sure I don't miss any more notifications.

I just thought I'd pass on the story since REMA is a great management package, but I got caught in the 'I can handle it all myself' trap, and lost money as a result. Avoiding this little mistake might have paid for the year of REMA, so I've learnt my lesson (I hope) and wanted to put it out there to perhaps help others.


Hi David,

I am in total agreement. If an investor is serious about building their portfolio, it is impossible to manage it without a VERY good system. REMA captures all of the elements that sophisticated investors follow, because it has been built by sophisticated investors.

I do observes something funny, people will pay $5.00 for a coffee, or $125 for dinner out, but won't invest in their business infrastucture (i.e computer software)... the thing that will get them to their ultimate goal.

Well done David, the new version is designed for analysis, managment and attracting Joint ventures and it is super cheap.

Don R. Campbell
Best-Selling Author of "Real Estate Investing in Canada"

I’m a programmer in Virtual Basic. I’m only now populating the software with my 5 properties, even though I have known about REMA for more than a year. As a programmer I thought I could do it better in a way that was customized to my liking. I was wrong. I’m very impressed with the details and amount of data that can be recorded.

Thanks for the quick response, especially so late on a Friday.

Mark Nutter

Recently I entered into a contract to purchase a commercial property for 1.9 million and in the process of getting interim financing I was asked to put a summary together of my holdings, mortgages, liabilities, goals etc. REMA made that job quick and professional with its reports and I was able to put a binder together in a few hours that went over very well with the financiers and qualified me for 1.75 million. Although I did not take the property due to legal question marks, I still say thank you very much REMA because it was a great exercise to see where we have come in the last two years and it prepares us for the next opportunity.

Gary Meller

Just wanted to say a big thank-you to William Ladic, a Red Deer REIN member extraordinaire, as well as Garth Chapman and his software team for the recent REMA training in Red Deer.  William did a fantastic job of putting the space together, organizing the logistics of the wireless connections, numerous laptops and the technical challenges of Skype and Yugma.  It is all very overwhelming to me, but William pulled it all together in an extremely professional and proficient manner.  I was very appreciative of the initiative he took to offer his time and efforts to the local REIN members (although we had a significant number of people who traveled a fair distance outside of Red Deer).

I had deliberately not played around with REMA (although I had downloaded it a while ago) as I knew this training session was upcoming, so was blown away by all that the software can do.  I am a real "details" person, and am so impressed by all of the possibilities that this software has to offer.  It also is much easier to navigate around than I had imagined.

I am also very impressed with your willingness to integrate feedback from these training sessions into making this a very dynamic and responsive product.

Thank-you so much for all of your hard work in putting together this product that seems custom made for us REIN members!

Judy Ziemmer

I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend the Blackfalds / Red Deer Rema Training session on Saturday. I had just purchased a Lap top computer, just down loaded the Rema program on it and even though my computer knowledge is limited, I understood it and saw the big picture. I am now pumped to enter all my properties as well as those currently in the works. As promised it will make my life a lot easier with information always at my finger tips, as well as a machine to mill out more deals ( I can now park my cumbersome system). William you did fantastic. I understand this is the first time you presented this program. Obviously you know the program well, because you were very comfortable and proficient with it. Of course Garth the creator (not the almighty one) did a great job as back up on the air. Thank You for being there to answer our questions. It's obvious you are there to give the extra 10%, right down to adding additional feature just hours before we arrived.

And Judy, thank you for being our hostess, opening your home and providing munchies etc. It was a team effort. A big thanks to all those that made it happen.

Now I'll have to shoe horn in some time to get it done. I think a training session like this is the answer for non techies like me. I looked at it numbers of times on my office PC and then moved on leaving it as my someday maybe task when there is lots of time to sit down and figure it all out.


Phil Peters

A big thanks to all the people in front of the scenes and behind the scenes that put on the REMA seminar in Blackfalds. Garth is doing a tremendous job of updating the system. It seems to just keep getting better and better. I gained more in three hours than I did in three months

Philip Hauck

Thank you very much to Garth, Right Side Realty Co., William and Judy for all the hard work and time they put in to help make Saturday's Red Deer REMA training such a success.

With the time spent going through REMA's interface and features we all gained a working knowledge of the program, and have the ability to begin entering our properties and comfortably navigating around.

REMA is a great tool that has been designed to give back to the investment community by saving us time and effort.

Thanks again!

Glenn Lasiuta

A HUGE thanks to Judy Zeimmer ,William Ladic, Garth Chapman and Right Side Realty. You guys put on a wonderful training course and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say you have a wonderful program that we are all fortunate to know about!!

Good job to all.

Ryan Topley

I just bought my first investment property, a month after joining REIN and two months after I started learning about real estate investment.

The REMA software was instrumental in helping me extend and secure my first property. I was able to quickly analyze the properties I saw with my realtor and easily assess the cashflow and ROI impact of changing variables like vacancy rates, larger upfront renovations, interest rates and financing scenarios.

As most investors will attest, acquiring the first property really test your nerves. My analysis in REMA gave me the confidence I needed to extend my first offer, budget for renovations and secure the right financing.

Manjula Selvarajah
New Real Estate Investor

Thank you to Dave, Arnel, Garth and Brian, for your REMA training and program, as well as Neil, who provided the first class board room at Calgary BMW, along with a gourmet cheese platter, fruit platter, coffee, bottled water, and of course, BMW's and BMW key chains for all of us to take home. I must say, in the four years we've been involved with REIN, we have never been pampered like we were tonite - THANK YOU!!!! The training was first class, and I wish we would have had this program when we started with REIN four years ago next week. WOW! For those of you who don't have a clue what the REMA program can do, get busy and download it. Follow the tutorials, and enter all your data, or any properties you have to analyze.

This program takes all the guess work out of real estate investing, and if you have been afraid to take the first step, plug all your numbers into the analyzer, and let it crunch the numbers for you. Then LEAP not step into real estate investing. We love this business and the REMA program totally takes the guesswork out of it. Also, you know where you are at with plugging all your numbers into the program.

Want JV partners?? You'll get them when they see the analysis you do with REMA. Believe me when I tell you we bought all the programs people in REIN ever created. We have spent a fair amount of money on making our business simpler - REMA is the best and most simplified for the "average" investor who isn't a computer "geek" yet it is a complex and deep program (quite like a good red wine!)

Not only does REMA give you a clear picture of analysis of potential purchases, it also gives you a clear picture of your portfolio, and is a great tool to assist in your exit strategy. Wait til my banker sees all the new reports I email to her!!!

Needless to say, you can maybe tell I was impressed with not only the program, but with the excellent training that occurred in Calgary tonite.....(Nov 29th). I think the other participants were super impressed as well - I would run, not walk to enroll in another of the REMA training programs.

Thank you Dave, Garth, Brian, Arnel, and Neil for putting the Calgary REMA training on.

Darlene & John Blackett

Great post Darlene, I would like to echo your comments and add a bit. REMA is going to make my life easier and give me more time to do the things I want to do. I look forward to getting everything entered in right and start producing reports for potential JV deals.

Great job guys, I think everyone learned a ton!

Sean Verret

As a busy, full time real estate investor who is ALLERGIC to paperwork, I could not wait for the release of REMA. However, in true REIN and Cornerstone fashion, I had to wait through very diligent testing and improvements. The result…..let me put it in a succinct, professional manner……REMA rocks!!

Arden Dalik
Wealth Launch Investments

I am involved in the software industry and I appreciate the expertise and effort required to develop a comprehensive and feature-rich product like REMA. The extensive functionality and capabilities available in this program will definitely make the sophisticated investors' life easier.

Doug Reid

When I was first asked to use REMA, I was fearful that it was going to mean a tremendous amount of work and complexity. Much to my relief and surprise, I found REMA to be relatively easy to use and understand. The system has been set up to allow you be selective about the functions that you want to learn and use. I feel that the only challenge with REMA is to learn what it can do for you and your Portfolio. The data input and report generating is very easy to do. We spent about 7 hours in total entering data and working with the reports for our group of properties. It took about 30 minutes per property and that included gathering the paperwork required to completely enter each one.

Shelly Roy
Executive Assistant to Arden Dalik
Wealth Launch Investments